Dhaka Lit Fest

Shehzar Doja was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is a poet and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of the literary journal, The Luxembourg Review. Currently he is undergoing a doctoral degree at the University of Glasgow. As a resident of Luxembourg, he was selected to represent the country on a pan-European platform for a poetry project commissioned for the city of Amsterdam. His poetry and translations have appeared in numerous publications worldwide including the New Welsh Review, Modern Poetry in Translation, Fundstücke-Trouvailles 3 ( Luxembourg literary yearbook), The San Antonio Review, Dhaka Tribune, Delano, The Centenary Collection for Edwin Morgan, Voice and Verses, Monsoon Letters, Sticks and Stones Anthology, Pratik, Fresh from the Fountain Anthology, The Selkie, From Glasgow to Saturn, Ceremony, Guttural, Poems from the Edge of Extinction .
He won first prize in a theatrical competition for ‘The Madman’s Lament’ – which he wrote, acted in, & directed – in the Symbiosis Festival, Pune, India. He was a featured poet in ‘SpokenWord Paris’ in 2016, a NewAge ‘Youth Icon’ in 2017 and serves on the Jury Panel for a Literary Prize at the ‘Printemps des Poetes‘ festival in Luxembourg, 2018 to 2020. In 2019 he was recognised as a Future World Changer from the University of Glasgow.

His first book Drift was published by UPL/Monsoon Letters in 2016.

Poetry Readings

Dhaka, Pune, Toronto, Paris, Luxembourg, London, Glasgow, Ledbury, St Andrews, Edinburgh, Swansea

Featured Poet and Festivals Attended

Poetry @Inn Deep, Glasgow

Open Secrets @ Spokenword Paris

BBC @Edinburgh Fringe

Dhaka Literature Festival (Dhaka)

StanZa (St Andrews)

Ledbury Poetry Festival (Ledbury)

Poetry International (SouthBank, London)

Printemps des Poetes (Luxembourg)

Festival des Migrations (Luxembourg)

Stay-at-home Festival (Uk)


Flame University Festival Poetry Prize 2014

Printemps des Poetes Literary Prize 2018-2021


Shehzar also co-edited the first anthology of Rohingya poets in English with fellow Poet/Editor James Byrne which was launched at the Ledbury Poetry Festival in 2019. Chaired by Clare Pollard, editor of MPT.
For more information on the ground breaking anthology: I am a Rohingya:Poetry from the Camps and beyond

Shehzar is also currently the Poetry Reviews Editor at the award winning Gutter Magazine in Scotland.

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